Friday, July 30, 2010

Take me away...

Sorry kids, no super embarrassing or potentially life-scarring story today.  I'm still quite spent from the whole "Worst Gift Ever" debacle story from yesterday.

I'm still recovering.

Instead, today I will tell you about one of my best gifts ever.  Not surprisingly it came from Hubs and ironically, I finally get to have it today.

Two weeks ago, Hubs and I celebrated our three year wedding anniversary (applause).  We also celebrated that Hubs has managed to live with me for over three years without being inspired to string me up by my toe nails and leave me for dead.

(Or if he has, he's resisted the urge.)

(He's very Zen like that.)

On our anniversary, Hubs presented me with a stay-cation package I certainly didn't expect.  One of my fave comedians, Bill Maher's comedy tour is coming to the Ameristar Casino in Kansas City tonight.  Hubs not only bought me tickets, but also reserved a room for us at the casino.  Mostly so I can play this slot.

So, tonight I will be sipping on wine.  Or a margarita.  Or a beer.  Or maybe some Courvoisier.

Okay, maybe not.  But I will be having a helluva good time with Hubs.  And maybe, just maybe, Bill Maher will look out into the crowd and decide he wants to take me along with him on the rest of his tour.

A girl can dream.

I'll leave you with a little ditty from Bill Maher's show "Real Time with Bill Maher" that always makes me laugh.  Have a great weekend, Bloggies! See you on the flip side.


erin lee creative said...

awwww have fun!

but kitty glitter screwed me.

sending money kitty glitter dust your way!!! have a blast!

alissa said...

have a great time! haha love the gitty glitter, i hope you win a bazillion glitter dollars!

P said...

Oh wow. Never heard of him before, but just watched the clip and was cracking up.

"It's a bed, not an obstacle course."

Hope you enjoyed. :)