Wednesday, October 27, 2010

have a glass of pinot moron

Setting: Panera Bread with "P", a good friend of mine who is also a sales rep. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Me: (sipping soup) So what do you have going on today?

P:  (taking a bite of sandwich) I have discontinued products that I have to go pull from shelves.

Me: (wrinkling nose) Ew.  I hate doing that.

P: (shrugging) It's okay, it'll go fast.  What about you? You busy today?

Me: (sighing) I have a huge project that's supposed to be ordering in the next few days, so I have to get it all buttoned up and ready to go. And I need to take my product binders over to XYZ Firm now that they've moved into their new office.

P: (smiling and clapping her hands) Oh fun!  I love the girls over there.

Me:  I know, me too!  They're all so sweet.  And I love that Kim Doe is over there now full time. She'll fit in so well with everyone.

P: Oh, that's right!  Her last name is Doe now.  It used to be Smith, right?

Me: (thinking hard) No, that can't be right. She got married awhile back and it changed from from Crawford to Doe, didn't it?

P: (silence)

Me: (determined) Yes, that HAS to be right.  Kim Crawford to Kim Doe.  I don't know where you're getting Smith from, honey.

P: (leaning in and whispering) Um, isn't Kim Crawford you go to....with your friend Tracy?

Me: (leaning closer to hear) Huh?  What?

P: (practically hissing, but still trying to maintain privacy, for my sake.) Isn't Kim Crawford the wine you drink when you go to Houlihan's with your friend, Tracy?

Me: (light bulb goes on) Oh. Holy. Crap. Did I really just confuse one of my client's names with a BOTTLES OF WINE???!!

P: (leaning back in her chair)  Apparently Kim Crawford is VERY good client of yours.

Me: (nodding head) True, very true. And really, she is the best client ever. She always makes me feel good, she listens, and there's always plenty of her to go around.

P:  Yeah, but you have to buy her to meet with her and get her love.

Me:  (smiling) And how is that different from any of my other clients?

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P said...


I have a client called Blossom Hill. She's very pink and delicious. :)