Monday, November 29, 2010

Almost nothing but thanks...

The Thanksgiving 2010 weekend went off without a hitch!  Other than a severely sore throat on my part and a lot of money leaving my bank account on Black Friday (a Dyson for $269? How could I pass that up?), the weekend went swimmingly well with all three families.  And I managed to only eat a very small amount of turkey in my new vegetarian endeavor.

(Of course, this means that I ate a cornucopia of potatoes, stuffing and pie...but that's neither here nor there.)

Oh, and there is one more thing.

An incredibly brave and forthright person anonymously posted two comments on my blog over the weekend claiming that I:

a) have cheated on Hubs multiple times

b) am a cruel, evil bitch, and the world will someday discover
   this fact

c) I got married because I wanted a wedding, not a husband

d) have written letters to Hubs apologizing for "cheating on him 
and looking at other men".  Apparently this anonymous person has this letter in their possession.

e) I married Hubs for his money

(This one cracks me up. Because, really if Hubs has money
somewhere, he needn't hide it any longer. I will gladly accept it into our joint bank account.)

(I do sometimes secretly think Hubs will walk in one day and 
say, "Remember how we both got laid off this last year and we had a rough time?  It was all a JOKE! I'm actually a MILLIONAIRE!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Hop into our private jet, and let's go to Paris!")

(Am I the only one that does this??)

After reading these comments, I laughed.  Then I showed Hubs and we read them together.

And then we laughed.

Then, admittedly, I got kind of mad. And I may or may not have dwelled on the whole thing for about 3 hours too long, until Hubs got sick of it and told me to pull my head out of my backside and get over it.  So I did.

And eventually I came to this conclusion. Hubs and I both know who wrote this. It doesn't take rocket science to figure it out.  

(And for the record, anonymity is for...well, let's just say it rhymes with Shicken Chit.)

Therefore, to this very determined person who is investing so much of their plentiful free time trying to break up my marriage, I will say...nothing.  Because it isn't worth it.  If I felt the need to defend and validate my commitment to Hubs, it would be giving this person fuel for their fire. Instead, I just feel really sorry for them.

In other news, Hubs starts his new job today!  Yahoo!  His hours are much earlier than I'm accustomed to, so the typical roll-over-and-cuddle-for-thirty-extra-minutes-in-the-morning ritual can sadly no longer continue.

However, Hubs can finally go somewhere each morning where he is appreciated and celebrated for the hard worker and amazing designer that he is.  I couldn't be prouder.

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Here's a little pic from the weekend, from our fam to yours.  Happy (belated) Thanksgiving!


Tracy said...

Love the picture! And this "anonymous" person is clearly jealous of your martial bliss and wishes they had someone who loves them the way Hubs does you.

Adriana said...

Wow! I can't believe someone commented like that. Love the shicken chit! Ha!

Anonymous said...
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Tracy said...

Someone is clearly obsessed with you...and jealous to no end!!!

Adriana said...

It's easy to be mean and criticize someone publicly when you do so anonymously. Seriously have you nothing better to do than worry about someone else's life and stalk their blog?

Kim said...

You're all right, ladies. This person has some delusional problems. I'm a bomb in dog sh*t? That is a new one...and I happen to like skinny lumberjacks.

BJMAR13 said...
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P said...

Ahhhh, the trolls. gotta love em.

Oh wait. No, gotta HATE em. Sorry, my mistake.

I really do wonder about some people. I don't blame you for getting mad, I would too! Especially if you know who the person in question is! Grrr.

Tracy said...'s so quiet now! Guess Mr. Anonymous doesn't feel like coming out of his hiding place :)

Sara Corinne said...

It's clearly jealously to me. You're smart, beautiful, sexy and confident. A lot of people that aren't are going to be jealous. I say the best "revenge" is being happy that you do have a lot more than this hateful, ugly person. I also think those unhappy people struggle even more around holiday time and try bringing others down with them.