Wednesday, January 12, 2011

just a little favor...

Listen, bloggies. I very rarely ask anything of you. Most of the time, all that is expected of you is a quick read once or twice a week and comment if you can spare the time.  In exchange, I provie you stories that make you laugh and potty in your pants a little.

Can you do something for me?

I entered this contest called "A Perfect Day Aboard Amtrak". In order to win, I need votes. 

So, if you would be so kind as to go to this link...

...and vote for my little story, I would really appreciate it. I might win $1500 in tickets for Amtrak. And then I can come and see you.

Well, not really.  I'll probably just go on a nice vacation. But you can PRETEND I came and saw you and we went shopping and ate mexican food. 

The kicker is, voting ends tomorrow. Tee hee. In exchange for your voting, I vow to continue to tell you funny stories.  And isn't that worth its weight in bloggy gold??

PS- the story I tell on the website got cut off for reasons I don't actually no.  The last line of the story is supposed to be, "Now let's go have a ball."

Also, I am not responsible for the horrific formatting of this story.  When I submitted it, it had paragraph breaks.  But when it came up on the website, it was just one big, long paragraph.  Amtrak and trains = good

Amtrak and coherent web contests = could use a little work. 

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