Monday, February 14, 2011

an ode to my valentine

It's Valentine's Day! After years of disappointments and anxiety about this holiday, I relish the calmness and security it now provides me. And that is, of course, all due to Hubs. 

Hubs, thank you. For loving me, for accepting me, and for...

1) Turning up the music when it's my fave song (even though you hate it).

2) Making a trip to the grocery store, just to buy my favorite soda.

3) Accepting that Mexican food has to be eaten at least twice a week, whether you like it or not.

4) Putting up with my blogs that recount stories about a guy you'd rather forget. Thank you for and understanding that my readers demand it, and so I provide it. And that really, they're pretty damn funny stories.

5) Never waiting until February 14th to tell/show/ me that I am your #1 priority.

6) Understanding when I greet both cats at the front door before I get to you.

7) Fixing my internet issues.

8) Being considerate at all hours of the day, expecting nothing in return.

9) Loving your mom.

10) Loving my mom.

11) Learning to like sushi.

12) Learning to like chick flicks.

13) Learning to like my flannel pajamas that reveal only hand and feet skin. Unless I wear socks.

14) Buying me a new red velvet cake because you polished off the last one while I was out of town.

15) Pretending my mood swings aren't that annoying.

16) Listening to me sing.

17) Answering my phone calls at work, knowing I'm going to be asking questions like, "Why do you think cats meow?" and "Where is that piece of paper I was carrying around yesterday?"

18) Being an emotional rock for me, even when you are feeling about as stable as Jell-O.

19) Pushing back your tears to attend to mine.

20) Understanding that Ibuprofen is my main food group at some point during every month...and dealing with everything else that goes along with that.

21) Vacuuming, dusting, tidying, cleaning the house 93% of the time, unacknowledged. Then practically throwing a parade in my honor when I do it the other 7% of the time.

22) Knowing how to fix a blown headlight.

23) Letting me win. Sometimes.

24) Putting the girls first.

25) Putting yourself last.

And lastly, happy birthday to the first kitty in our home, Cupcake. Two years ago when we adopted him, I was scared to death that I would never love him as much as a dog. I was way, way wrong.

If you need an amazing gift for your Valentine's Day, may I suggest adopting a pet? They will give you love and laughter for the rest of your life. And if you don't think cats are cute, just watch this...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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P said...

Your man sounds pretty awesome! And also, I really want mexican food now...