Friday, July 15, 2011

the (hot) dog days are over

Here I lay, on my new couch
I'm not quite sure that I deserve this
I'm comfy and my tummy's full
And there's cool air on my tookus

My mom and dad at my house before
Bought me so I'd make babies
But a baby of their own came soon
And I guess they didn't want me

They put me out in the hot, hot heat
And tied me to a chain
Sometimes I didn't have water to drink
And I'd hope for it to rain

I'm full of life and energy
So I'd try to jump and wrestle
But my chain would get all tangled up
So under a tree I'd nestle

I wanted to go back inside
What had I done so wrong?
I wouldn't hurt their baby girl
I'd lick her all day long

But no one came to bring me in
In the grass I'd have to lie
I tried to smile as people passed
But I was just too hot to try 

Then one day, something changed
A lady stopped to pet me
My mom didn't put up a fuss at all
She seemed relieved and happy

The lady scooped me up so tight
She kissed my bony body
Then whispered, "I know the home for you"
I was so happy I almost pottied

Hubs and Kim took me right in
They snuggle and they coo
I get treated like I'm special here
And there's always lots of food!

I know how lucky that I am
That this family took me in
Will you do the same for another like me?
Believe me, everyone wins

Tootsie Roll

Special thank you to Hubs' mom, Janette, the "nice lady" who was smart enough to remove Tootsie from her previous home. The family only wanted Tootsie to breed her. But once they had their own baby, they simply didn't want her or have a need for her. Apparently in that household, pets have to earn their stay. At our house, the only form of payment accepted is love. And Tootsie's bank account will always be full.

To rescue an animal of your own, contact your local animal shelter. In Kansas City, check out Wayside Waifs and Animal Haven.


catie said...

awwww, that one brought a tear to my eye! i just took our two furballs to the vet today...breaks my heart that people just don't love their animals they way they deserve to be loved! you should send this to the animal shelters around you, or even your vet. i bet they'd love to share this with others!

Mrs. N said...

Yay, Tootsie Roll is saved! Fantastic story. Maybe, just maybe, Hubs and I will follow suit and adopt a puppy from the pound. Thanks for sharing! :)

Katie k. said...

Congrats Antisdels, on your new addition! I've always been a "dog person" but until a person has one of their own, they can't understand...there are not enough words to describe how much joy & happiness they bring to our lives, simply by being there. They give us so much & ask for nothing in return except to be loved. Tootsie's story is heartbreaking but has a happy glad she found you & your family!!